Welcome Home

  • Title: Welcome Home
  • Writer: David Siaki
  • Producer and Engineer: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 2002
  • Album: New Faces Vol Four
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: © 2002 David Siaki
  • Style: MOR, rock

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Welcome Home – New Faces Vol. 4


Baby you’re so predictable now
You’ve lost your edge by running around
You used to live to find truth
But now that girl’s no longer you

Welcome back
Welcome home
Let your guard down babe
Unplug the phone

When your skies turn grey and cold
When you get to feeling old and
When it seems all hope is gone
And it hurts to look back on what you’ve done
Well come on baby…

And baby you’re so intelligent now
Grounded in the facts Western science expounds
But you won’t find reality
Though you got eyes you still can’t see

Welcome back
You’re not alone
Let your imagination bring you home
Welcome back
Welcome home
Take a deep breath baby
Let it go

And come on home…


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