Gettin’ Kinda Angry

  • Title: Gettin’ Kinda Angry
  • Lyrics: Dan Jeffs
  • Music: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1994
  • Album: New Faces ’95
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: c 1994 Dan Jeffs and Conrad Askland
  • Style: Country, Political, Rock

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Gettin’ Kinda Angry – New Faces ’95


Can’t hold it any longer have to get it off my chest
Nothin’s gettin’ better it’s only gettin’ less
Too many things are goin’ wrong and only gettin’ worse
I’ll do my best to say the rest without a word of curse

Government and politics and media and taxes
Jumpin’ on me every day while jobs are gettin’ axes
Lawyers, lawsuits and makin’ people crazy
Tree huggers freakin’ out for pickin’ up a daisy

The bad cops, feminists and bible thumpin’ crooks
Flim flam con man gets my pocket book
IRS, tabloid press and all that tv junk
Gang bangers, car jackers, (fighters) and the punks

I’m gettin’ kinda angry ‘cuz things are gettin’ bad
My buddy feels the same as me
Man, we’re gettin’ hadd

Drive by shootings demonstrators violence and sex
So what this country’s coming to it’s got to be a hex
Talk shows, radios and analyzin’ shrinks
Welfare, health care smellin’ like it stinks

The car phones, traffic jams and waitin’ in line
Tail-gaters, stupid drivers get to work on time
Slow poke, diesel smoke and people shakin’ fists
Can’t find a place to park by now I’m gettin’ p*****

I’m gettin’ kinda angry ‘cuz things are gettin’ bad
My buddy feels the same as me
Man, we’re gettin’ had

(Instrumental Solos)

Fad clothes, oh no hundred dollar tennis shoes
Rad songs, hard rock, takin’ drugs and booze
Change our ways to better days if only just because
We need some country music to tell it like it was

We spend cash, hands out for stuff that we don’t need
Shop on channel supermarts and advertisin’ greed
Bank fraud, credit cards and hazy payment plans
Loan shark, dog bark, here come the repo man

I’m gettin’ kinda angry ‘cuz things are gettin’ bad
My buddy feels the same as me
Man, we’re gettin’ had


I lived in Victorville, CA for about 18 years and one of the main attractions of the town was the Roy Rogers Museum (they relocated to Branson, Missouri around 2005 or so). It was located right on Interstate 15 and anyone driving from Las Vegas back to Los Angeles would pass it. So I pictured someone losing all their money in Vegas, driving back and asking Roy Rogers for some “cowboy smarts”.

It’s a very silly song and I had a LOT of fun doing the vocals on it. I’m always surprised that among my friends it’s usually one of their favorites that I’ve done. Maybe because it’s just so silly. Some people HATE it.

By coincidence, in later years I ended up playing in the Roy Rogers Jr. band doing a lot of cowboy music, Roy and Dale’s songs and music from the Sons of the Pioneers. I never asked Roy Rogers Jr. (Dusty) what he thought of the song but I’m pretty sure he hated it.

In any case, we all love Roy Rogers. Playing his music with the band was a very fun experience.

This song also contains my worst rhyme ever: “doom and gloom” with “boom boom”. Was it Mozart who said there’s nothing so absolutely horrible as a forced rhyme? 🙂

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  1. Laura
    May 31, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    That’s tellin’ it like it is – this one
    is going with me on the Harley!

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