To Bring My Love Alive

  • Title: To Bring My Love Alive
  • Vocalist: Mark Marino
  • Sax: Jim Wheeler
  • Lyrics: Dan Jeffs
  • Music: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1994
  • Album: New Faces ’95
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: c 1994 Dan Jeffs and Conrad Askland
  • Style: Pop, retro, lounge, MOR, 80’s, Euro pop

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To Bring My Love Alive- New Faces ’95


So where am I to find you among the faces and the masks?
Someone with a tender heart and a meaning that will last
Please tell me where you’re hiding beneath the shield you wear
There must be someone somewhere with memories to share

I want to know the feeling of a love that will survive
That something deep inside of me to bring my alive
To bring, to bring my love alive

The sounds of selfish people talking in the night
With hearts so neatly tucked away, their words are all alike
They say they want a lover, someone they never knew
To share a life so cynical, they’ll never know what’s true


I’ll tear away the fears and lies two people feel and say
Just open up your heart to me, take loneliness away



Poetry and lyrics by Dan Jeffs that I set to an 80’s type pining torch song. The vocalist, Mark Marino, did a lot of country vocals in Southern California and I remember when he recorded this he totally got into it with hand flips and gestures to capture the over dramatic 80’s type pop sound.

This song was recorded on a 1/2 8 track Tascam with a midi sync track for the synth parts. Back in the “old days” we would run a sync for all the midi to play live, and mix down while the parts were actually playing. A lot of wires!

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