Thank God (That I’m Alive)

  • Title: Thank God (That I’m Alive)
  • Writer: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1994
  • Album: New Faces ’95
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: c 1994 Conrad Askland
  • Style: Pop, spiritual, religion, praise

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Thank God (That I’m Alive) – New Faces ’95


Thank God that I’m alive
There’s a life to live and this one is mine

I ain’t gonna run in the streets
And I ain’t gonna scream and shout
Everybody’s got a different beat
And a different time to find out what I found out


There ain’t no mystery to figure out
You were born with all you need to know
So get your butt in gear without a doubt
The curtain’s open now it’s time for the show



This was a filler piece on the New Faces ’95 CD from Road Records because there was some extra time open on it.

I wrote it in 1994 while playing music in South Korea for the military bases. We were up towards the border by the DMZ and one night there was a drill. I didn’t know it was a drill and all I saw were all these tanks and trucks rolling like crazy down the street, siren alarms going off and all the soldiers running around to get to their posts. At the time there was a lot of tension with North Korea and the soldiers had said they thought there might be an impending war. They also said that if North Korea attacked, the northern part of South Korea would be over run in a matter of minutes and obliterated. So I was very, very scared.

Turned out it was just a drill. But after that experience I wrote this song. As a song it’s not much. But as a personal statement for me it was a great catalyst for focusing my time and energies on really doing things I thought were worthwhile with art and music. Within a year I was producing CD’s for clients and my arranging and engineering skills started to be more in demand.

Back in 1994, this was also my first time working with combining sampled beats and live players. All done with an 8 track Tascam reel to reel and a MIDI sync track for the samples and synth parts. I could whip out something like this in a matter of minutes now (ok, it would be much better now…) but back in 1994 it was much more involved.

Oh, and the lyric that says “You were born with all you need to know”. That was a regurgitation of a New Thought slogan. These days I don’t feel that statement is true. We are always learning – and the quality of what we learn depends on the quality of the sources we get our information from. If you think you’re already born with everything you need to know, then it doesn’t encourage you very much to seek a wide variety of sources does it?

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