Out There For The Ride

  • Title: Out There For The Ride
  • Lyrics: Melanie Ficenc
  • Music: Conrad Askland
  • Vocalist: Melanie Ficenc
  • Keyboards: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1997
  • Album: New Faces Volume Two
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: © 1997 Melanie Ficenc and Conrad Askland
  • Style: Country, line dancing

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Out There For The Ride – New Faces Vol. 2


She races into the arena, her quarter fast on her feet
Goin’ round the first barrel, they got a time to beat
They come out from the last turn, the clock is tickin’ fast
Got the last stretch of ground to burn, the gate goes flyin’ past

Women of the rodeo
Courage, strength and pride
Buckin’ bulls and clover leafs
Just out there for the ride
It’s a test of one’s commitment
When your pride is on the line
Women of the rodeo just out there for the ride

She climbs into the chute, into a thousand pounds of fire
With her hand tied tight, her life is on the line
As the buzzer sounds she hits the ground
She’s got the score to beat
Judges give their final word, crowd jumps to it’s feet


(Instrumental Solos)



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2 comments for “Out There For The Ride

  1. Laura
    June 19, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Rodeo is huge in our part of the world, and this song has the perfect ‘feel’
    associated with the excitement and pace
    of competition.

  2. June 19, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    The lyricist was a real live cowgirl so she gets bonus points. In arranging her lyrics I chose a straight 8 driving country rock beat – it’s called a “tush push” in country line dancing and very good for rodeo type songs.

    I played a lot of rodeos with country bands – and the 3/4 waltz balled and tush push beats always seemed to be the favorites.

    The guitars, harmonica and pedal steel give it a country feel – and the horns and Hammond B3 I put in give it a little “city slicker” edge.

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