Sconte – Missing Link

  • Title: Sconte
  • Writers: Missing Link band
  • Producer and Engineer: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 2002
  • Album: New Faces Vol Four
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: © 2002 Missing Link
  • Style: Metal, rock, bands

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Sconte – New Faces Vol. 4


I can’t define what’s in front of me
But it won’t let me
It’s a tragedy
It’s hard to focus
Goes round and round
And I keep you in mind
Break it down

(Pulled out my keep and injected my car)
Then I pulled out the gates
A little high and a little bit drunk
A cigarette couldn’t wait
( ?)
As I looked to the full moon

What I saw next I went “no one could see”
It’s about our favorite cartoons

Making out with ( ? )
I saw them as I walked by
I was taking shots of tequila
While the pink elephants were all getting high

Me I know what gave (Zira the eye)
But (then like) Spider the Man
Betty Boop was taking off all her clothes
She was wearing only (farmer tent)

(Up go the bomb)


I can’t make out all the lyrics on this song so I put some of the words in parenthesis. I like this piece for it’s driving guitars and energy. Missing Link is/was a Southern California metal band.

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