Ghetto Booty – Butter Band

  • Title: Ghetto Booty
  • Writer: Butter Band
  • Producer/Engineer: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1999
  • Album: Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: c 1999 Butter Band
  • Style: Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Rap

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Ghetto Booty – Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia


Ghetto booty don’t you ever let them in
Ghetto booty don’t you ever be their friends
Ghetto booty keep yourself in the clear
Ghetto booty drinking up the last of your beer

Now you know I love the ladies and I give them respect
But this song’s about the ghetto booty pain in the neck
They be comin’ to your house, knockin’ on the door
Looking for a good time and a free score
Moochin’ off your home boys they travel in packs
Always acting like they want to get in the sack


Don’t you ever rendezvous (with a) ghetto booty
Suck it while it dry and leave with all the looty
Now some guys don’t care ’cause they think they’ll get action
Empty pockets don’t bring no satisfaction
Don’t wanna play (or hate) do what you like
Hot waxin’ ghetto booty Martini Mike

(Bass guitar solo)

So how can you tell from a ghetto booty sneaker
From las chicas it’s a crisis (that you freaker)
Well I know a recipe so very sweet
So let me feel the love from a dope drum beat

Ghetto booty is a user abuser (beats a follow) up the sewer
Drinks the beer then she goes runs up her panty hose
(Wears the jeans) so tight even though they don’t fit right
I’m tellin’ you tellin’ you mackin’ it down
Wears the funk address when the girl’s around?
Round round around around she goes
(Step has a flatter) with the plastic nose
Ghetto booty stay away from me and my bro’s
(Two bitches in line taking curbside ho)



I don’t have the lyrics in front of me and couldn’t catch them all. I put the words I couldn’t make out in parenthesis. Maybe someone else can help me make out some of those lyrics and leave it as a comment.

This was one of the Butter Band’s popular party and kegger songs.

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