We’re On Our Own – Butter Band

  • Title: We’re On Our Own
  • Writer: Butter Band
  • Producer/Engineer: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1999
  • Album: Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: c 1999 Butter Band
  • Style: Punk, Rock

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We’re On Our Own – Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia


I’m late on rent I’m low on gas
My dog got loose and spilled the trash
Neighbors always call the cops
Cause our music’s on non-stop
The bathtub has a scary stain
Dead flies in the window pane
Weeds all over the front yard
We’re two blocks from the boulevard

We’re on our own so we don’t care
Even though we weren’t prepared
Irresponsible is a crime
We forget our chores all the time

Holes all in the front yard hose
My cat pees on my room mate’s clothes
Dirty dishes in the sink
Light a match the bathroom stinks
Top Ramen’s our only food
Walk around the house half nude
Empty beer cans on the tv
I’m paying the bills don’t criticize me


Our priorities are a mess
My parents suffer from much stress
But please do not lose your mind
We’re on our own and we’ll be fine



I recorded this band at the Road Records studio in Victorville, Ca. This was a very fun Southern California band to work with. I like this song from some of the descriptive lines of bachelor life.

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