It’s All Good – Butter Band

  • Title: It’s All Good
  • Writer: Butter Band
  • Producer/Engineer: Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1999
  • Album: Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: c 1999 Butter Band
  • Style: Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Rap

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It’s All Good – Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia


Now you told me long ago that you two were just friends
But I know you was lying way before (it to end)
I should quit laughing trying to hard to be funny
I was cramping your style I don’t make enough money

So this is a song that I wrote just for you
Even though you like the purple I’ll always wear blue

Cuz’ It’s all good Cuz’ I’ll always be funky
It’s all good whether it’s skinny or it’s chunky
It’s all good that I’m taking all your blame
And it’s all good cuz’ your excuses are lame

Now I’m sticking to a code that a fat boy must honor
“Respect las chicas” or a fat boy no longer
But you (assign) each other that I know for sure
But your feelings are tainted and they’ll never be true

So this is a song that I wrote just for you
Roll up my shirt sleeve and kiss my tattoo

Bust it

(Instrumental solos)

So you think that I’m a jerk and you think that I’m cocky
That may be true but don’t forget that I’m gawky
You’re glad you’re off the hook and you’re finally free
But I’ll catch a bigger fish, there’s plenty in the sea

So this is a song that I wrote just for you
You can have my ex-girlfriend and all that taboo



Butter Band was a Southern California hip hop, blues and funk group. We recorded this at the Road Records studio in Victorville, CA around 1999 (or so). This cut from their album “The Feast of Lupercalia”.

Butter Band was a fun group of college age guys that reminded me a little bit of the “Animal House” movie with Belushi.

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