These Two Dozen Roses – Butter Band

  • Title: These Two Dozen Roses
  • Writer: Butter Band
  • Producer/Engineer: Conrad Askland
  • Orchestrated by Conrad Askland
  • Released: 1999
  • Album: Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia
  • Label: Road Records
  • Copyright: c 1999 Butter Band
  • Style: Ballad, Vocal, Orchestration

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These Two Dozen Roses – Butter Band – Feast of Lupercalia


These two dozen roses that I tried to give
‘Cause I think about you, wanting you to live
These two dozen roses were all I had left to give

Lie into my eyes, I’ll leave (thine) all alone
Friends are the only ones that die
But I’m still locked away at home

These two dozen roses were all I had left to give
These two dozen roses, leave them lyin’ on your bed
These two dozen roses
I’m left alone

You left me standin’ in the rain
Oh in the rain, in the rain
I’m in the rain
With your two dozen roses…


The Feast of Lupercalia CD by the Butter Band was mainly bachelor party songs – except for this one cut. I remember at the time really being moved by the vocal and lyrics. I was moved because the vocal is far from perfect, and the lyrics are also far from perfect. But there was an honesty in it that I found refreshing. I could tell the singer and writer was really telling about a very personal time and emotion.

I didn’t try to “fix” the vocal in the studio – I left it as is. It has a youthful melancholy call to my ears. But I did add some strings and woodwinds to add a little more dimension and emotion to the piece. I like the contrast of the classical strings and woodwinds in contrast to the vocal performance. To me it captures a slice of time.

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